CWD Lathe machine

Main features:
  The lathe can perform to turn end -faces., cylindrical surfaces and internal holes of various parts as well as metric ,inch, module and pitch threads. The top slides may be operated individually by power for cutting shot taper, long taper can be turned automatically through the compound movement combining longitudinal feed with the top slide feed, moreover, the machines may be used for drilling, boring and trepanning .
  They are characteristic of power, high spindle speed, high rigidity. The various ferrous and won-ferrous metals parts may be turned through the heavy cutting by carbon alloy tools.

Standard accessories,
1. Four-jaw chuck 1000  1set 2. steady support(for more than 2m) 1 set
3. following support (for more than 2m) 1 set    4.center 1pc
5 center bush  1pc   6. tools   1set  7.Foundation screws  1set

Special accessories,
1. (400-700)  Steady support 2.1250  4-jaw chuck 1250    3.Metric dial device 
4.Chasing dial device    5.Inch leadscrew


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