Main specification
Max. swing over bed                                         1000 mm
Max. swing over carriage                                      640 mm
Distance between two centers                                  6000mm
Width of bed                                                755 mm
Diameter of spindle inner hole                              360 mm
Min. clamped diameter of chuck                                240 mm
Range of spindle speed                6.3 to 315 r.p.m. with 18 steps
Main motor power                                             22 kW
Kind of metric thread and pitch range    56 kinds         1 to 120 mm
Kind of Whitworth thread and range     37 kinds    30 to 1.125 teeth/in.
Kind of modular thread and range        46 kinds        0.5 to 60 mm
Kind of radial thread and range        46 kinds        0.5 to 60 D.P.
With 4 way toolpost
Tool section ( H¡ÁW )                                     45¡Á45 mm
Max. travel of tool post                                    300 mm
Max. travel of cross slide                                  695 mm
Rapid traverse of tool post         longitudinal          3740 mm/min
¡¡¡¡                                cross                 1870 mm/min
¡¡¡¡                               up tool post           935 mm/min
Diameter of tailstock sleeve                                   160 mm
Travel of tailstock sleeve                                     300 mm
Taper for taper hole of tailstock sleeve                      Metric No. 80
Machining length of taper scale 300 mm          Taper turning, ¡À1:4
Net dimension of machine                         9100¡Á2045¡Á1915mm
Net weight of machine                            13900kg
(not including weight of chuck and steady and any accessories)
Automatic lubrication for gearbox, but surface of guideways manully
Overload safety device

Accessories supplied with machine:
¡¡4-jaw manual chuck with steel body, dia. of 1000 mm, 2 sets
¡¡Steady rest (fixed steady), range 50 to 590 mm with bearing type, 1 set
¡¡Follow rest (traveling steady with tips), Range 50 to 220 mm 1 set
¡¡Cooling system, 1 set
¡¡Lighting device, 1 set
¡¡Taper turning device, length 300 mm, 1 set
¡¡Living center, 1 set
¡¡Dead center, 1 piece
¡¡Center sleeve, 1piece
¡¡Set of machine operating tools

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