WE67K -200/3200 with DA52 CNC control

     1)Model  WE67K-200/3200     £¨Y1-Y2-X-R -V£©
     2)WE67K-160/3200 Main Specifications

     3)Major Elements
     Controlling system: DA-52 from Dutch DELEM
     Servo hydraulic system: BOSCH from Germany
     With Grating ruler
     Ball screw and linear guideway
     Hydraulic anti cambering device
     Standard mould
     With support arms

     4)Major import accessories
     Controlling system: DA52¡ª¡ªDELEM from Dutch
     Servo motor and coder: ESTUN
     Grating ruler¡ª¡ªHEIDENHAIN from Germany
     Hydraulic major motor: from ABB company
     Tubing and connectors: PARKER from Germany
     Hydraulic valves: BOSCH from Germany
     Major elements: SIEMENS
     Oil sealings: PARKER

¡¡¡¡The whole frame of the machine is made by steel. Through normalizing and high-frequency vibration, we eliminate the internal stress and ensure the overall accuracy. Having increased the thickness of the working table and slider, the machine has a high degree of rigidity. So when we press the material, deformation of the working table is small. Also the work pieces are of excellent straightness and angle consistency.

     6)Characters and function of the controlling system
¡¡¡¡The DA-52 is an integrated CNC controller which offers all basic CNC control functions up to 4 axes for not only conventional press brakes but electro-hydraulic ones. The TFT-LCD display and the modern front panel layout guarantee a very user-friendly and easy to program controller. 
     Panel based housing makes it available to mount it directly onto electric cabinet or inside a pendent cabinet.
     Special shortcut keys are designed for direct, rapid and easy programming.
¡¡¡¡Angle programming of Y axis, crowning compensation and force control are offered as standard configuration.
¡¡¡¡¡¡DA-52 offers a stable and reliable solution by taking advantage of the most up-to-date technology. USB interface is equipped to facilitate quick backup of product and tool data.

     Main Technical Specifications

     Parameter programming in one page
     6.4" LCD, true-color, TFT display
     Crowning control
     Tool library
     Optional back gauge second axis control
     USB interface
     Advanced Y axis control algorithm for controlling closed-loop valve and open-loop valve
     Servo, frequency inverter or AC motor control
     Panel based housing
     H.  Working environment
     Power supply:  3 phase and 4 wire system, 380V 50HZ
     Install field£ºclean
     Highest temperature£º40¡æ
     Lowest temperature:  -5¡æ
     Relative humidity: 55-85%
     Height: below 1000M
     This machine has sufficient strength and rigidity, low noise, smooth operation. In this environment can work continuously more than 16 hours.

     7)Attached machine tool elements

      8) Documents attached


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