Parallel Lathe CW6180 CW61100

 CW6180 CW61100 parallel lathe are suitable for turning internal and external cylindrical,conical and swing surfaces as well as various metric,inch,module and diametric pitch threads.They can also be used for broaching oil grooves and keyways. There are also following reatures:

1. Casted in whole piece,box type internal structure,of high rigidity ,with hardened guideway. The rigidity is high. The precison is stable.And these lathes can carry out strong force cutting.

2. On apron , there is a device, operated by a single lever, used for rapid traverse of the carriage. Spindle’s braking and rotating direction change is controlled by hydraulic system, or by hand operation, all to user’s choice.

3. The saddle guideway is glued by “TSF” soft belt wear resisting materials.

4. The top slide can be used independently for turning of short cone, in combination with longitudinal feeding, it can also turn long taper surface.

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