Economical and Practical CNC lathe

CK6142/6152、CKJ6142/6152、CKP6142/6152 series are economical and practical CNC lathes. With optimized structures ,unfailing performance,high quality ,simple programming ,and easy handling,they are suitable for turning of complicated shaft,sleeve,and disk type work-pieces such as turning of internal and external cylindrical ,conical ,arc surfaces and various threads,and even drilling ,boring and reaming holes. And they are especially fit for turning of diversified work-pieces on small and medium batches. They are of high versatility ,high efficiency,low inferiority and good conformability.So to be widely used in various trades,such as automobile industry,petroleum industry ,military industry ,and so on.

CK series CNC lathes may accomplish step-less spindle speed-changing by means of main motor frequency conversion and 4-shift hydraulic gear-change;

CKJ series CNC lathes obtain 12 speeds all manually;and CKP series spindle speed changing introduces main motor frequency conversion and 4-shift manual gear-change.


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